Uncleared old cars will be disposed

Ukraine will not become a dumping ground for old cars, if the Goverment so decides.

The little dry click of the launcher machine, electric drive press howls, then heard a smooth groan of hydraulics... the Creaking of metal, a crash of glasses, the rattle of shots tires... the pressure is on – press came up against the engine block and through the second pile of metal, formerly car, takes his last hoarse breath. The press has finished its job – the car turned into a block of scrap metal the size of a mattress.

About such a dramatic finale is expected by the majority of uncleared cars, if they are "lucky" to be forfeited or become the property of the state provided by law in other ways. At least, such a scenario is quite likely...

The idea to improve on the legislative level the process of disposing of certain categories of motor vehicles belongs to the Ministry of Finance and State fiscal service. Relevant draft resolution published on the website of the SFS for public comment before it is sent for approval to the Cabinet.

If you rely on information from the Annex to the draft resolution "the Analysis of regulatory impact", in customs warehouses is now about 3 thousand cars, the contents of which are too expensive, and chances for their implementation are almost there. About 97% of these cars seized for violations of customs legislation, have an age more than 8 years, and therefore have no chance to Harajuku customs clearance and bargain sale. Next, we just give the quote from the application:

"The prospect of realizing such vehicle and the proceeds from their sale in the state budget is absent due to excessive tax burden (the amount of excise tax on vehicles manufactured more than 8 years ago, is protectionist in nature)".

Not all cars, which became the property of the state, will be disposed of. Those are roadworthy and comply with current environmental standards (Euro-5), and hence can be cleared according to the relevant tariffs to be implemented in the prescribed manner or may be transferred to the possession of other state institutions, financed from the budget. Simply put, these machines can be transferred to children's shelters or to persons who, by law, are supposed to free provision of vehicles.

The disposal will be subject to cars, become the property of the state in accordance with the requirements of the legislation: as a result of violations of certain norms of the Customs code, confiscated by the court which do not comply with current environmental standards, unfit for use... the press will go, and those TS, to realize that there is economically infeasible (to put it simply – when customs clearance will make the car much more expensive than similar offerings on the market).

Before making a decision about the disposal of the vehicle should be inspected by experts on the subject of forgery of number of sites and databases of stolen cars. For cars registered in the territory of other States, before disposal will also be subject to expert inspection, including Interpol databases. License plates and registration documents of the vehicle, registered outside of Ukraine, will be transferred to the territorial service centers of the Ministry of interior.

The company, entitled to disposal of the vehicle (in Ukraine there are 289) will be obliged to carry out a preliminary technical examination of the vehicle, assessing the possibility of disassembly suitable for the subsequent implementation of aftermarket components, then everything else will turn into scrap metal.

Recall that the above package of documents has the status of the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers and published for public comment.

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