Video: Ford Mustang set the Guinness record for drawing

Ford Mustang drew the biggest "picture" tires.

        Видео: Ford Mustang установил рекорд Гиннесса по рисованию

If cars have a soul, then under the hood the Ford Mustang is hidden the soul of the artist. So, a muscle car entered the Guinness Book of Records as the author of the largest painting drawn by Shin. Two drift coupe painted on the pavement drawing "pink ribbon" is an international symbol of organizations and individuals supporting the fight against breast cancer. The "canvas" has 883,98 per square meter, a record for this type of artistry.

The certificate about inclusion of achievements in the Guinness Book of records was presented to AlJazirah Vehicles Agencies and AlJazirah Ford Racing dealers of Ford cars in UAE. In total to draw the tire symbol, the car took 45 minutes. However, the organizers have not confessed whether it was done in one continuous drift, or to create a picture it took a few attempts.

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