What is most memorable to 2016: news positive

What good news has brought us the past year.

        Чем запомнился 2016 год: Новости на позитиве

How many years until the beginning of 2016 the automotive community in Ukraine has been waiting to change for the better. Some were waiting for the fee reductions, others traffic, others dreamed about the restart of his business... And though the event did not want to change course immediate and radical as a wave of a magic wand, some changes still occurred. Yes, they were often lost among the many excellent, but never implemented promises or drowned in the deep voice murmurs are dissatisfied with the extent of the change. All in All, this year Ukrainian motorists have been given reason for optimism. Still in doubt? Keep reading!


The duty on imported electric vehicles eliminated

It was not the quick and easy path was not without the excitement and support events under the Verkhovna Rada activists, but still – January 1, 2016, it became possible to bring into the country any passenger electric car without paying customs duties. The question is, whether VAT and albeit small, but still has a place in the excise, but it is important that the first step has been taken.

The import duty on cars from the EU will be zero

Is not a cause for joy, that every year the duty on all new cars manufactured in the European Union, reduced and soon reaches zero? Skeptics, of course, it's hard to see; but are optimistic looking into the future and seeing more than the issue of filling their own pockets today, understand that this is a good solution, and now you can use the following turn reduced rates of duty. With every passing year, the toll will become even smaller, and there - and completely disappear. What this applies to both new and used cars - the benefits will be for everyone.

Excise duty on used cars reduced

Ask any motorist what it means to "3251"? They know that this is not the tire size or part number index parts. This is the number one way to tell the sufferings of the bill, which may temporarily but very significantly removed one of the obstacles to import of used cars – the excise duty. We have all witnessed a dramatic and action-Packed stories, but still with a "happy ending": the excise duty is reduced, to drive a car was a bit cheaper. Hopefully, this is only the first step made by the legislators, for the "deaconical" auto


Road Constitution and new Rules of the road

Probably we will witness more and the biggest reform of traffic laws, which was carried out for all time of existence of Independent Ukraine. Changes will be many, but we have already started to inform readers about what awaits us in the future. In General, if all fails in a few years we will cease to wonder at the order on the roads in Europe and no end of swearing on the realities of their own: after all, we may not be worse. Experience the traffic organization and security of the EU, the quality of which can be seen immediately after the barrier border post, will be useful for Ukraine. Of course, provided that each connects to reform and adopt new rules of the game. Otherwise little chance.

Struggle with customs clearance: cancellation of Euro, reducing taxes and creating opportunities for use of cars on foreign registration

        Чем запомнился 2016 год: Новости на позитиве

Literally in the last days of December were registered several bills that could significantly reduce the customs clearance or give the ability to legally drive a foreign-registered cars with paying only a small part of it. It's two initiatives, created with the participation of public organizations, which aim at the free market pre-owned. One direction is to remove the norms of Euro-5, to fix a reduced rate of excise duty for a longer period and in the alternative, certification to apply the inspection for "svezheprignanny" car. The second direction – creation of a legal mechanism for the operation of vehicles registered in other States, for a small monthly fee, in the amount of 0.2% of the total amount of customs duties. We will not assess the chances of each of the initiatives, and we can only say that if you make systematic efforts to reduce the barrage of taxes on import of cars, sooner or later they will succumb.

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For the purchase of electric vehicles the state will pay more

And this is just one item from a range of long-term plans for the future, announced during one of the round tables in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Ukraine is ready to welcome investors who will begin production of electric vehicles we have, that will give them a whole set of public benefits. Taxes on the import of environmentally friendly transport will be removed entirely, and even part of the taxes to their sellers. Electric cars with this set of preferences is significantly cheaper, making them more affordable, and so we're going to buy them more. Actually, the plans are excellent, and correct, with estimates on the environmental future. It is hoped that the creation of a new domestic auto industry will not cause the invention of a new series of taxes on imports in order to "protect national...", you know...

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We wish you only good news!

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