Who are you? Mitsubishi revealed the new crossover

According to one version of the new crossover Mitsubishi may become a successor to the ASX.

        Ты кто такой? Mitsubishi «засветила» новый кроссовер

Last week a user hotaka_ltd published in his Twitter the unknown crossover. Unfortunately, due to the low image quality considering any markings or examples is impossible, but in General, the silhouette, the design of the rear of the vehicle and complex punch on his side give us enough reasons to believe that the photo depicts pre-production prototype crossover XR-PHEV II, presented at the Geneva motor show in 2015.

Mitsubishi concept crossover XR-PHEV II

At the moment it is difficult to make any predictions about the future of news. In a recent interview, the President of Mitsubishi Motors Osamu Masuko said that his company is working simultaneously on two new SUVs, the first of which will present in 2017. According to one version, the serial embodiment of the XR-PHEV II will be one of the brand new model; on the other, the Japanese will present it as a new generation of crossover ASX.

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