ZAZ or ZAZ: What has changed?

Will a change in the historic company's name brand for cars

        ЗАЗ или не ЗАЗ: Что изменилось?

The Interfax-Ukraine about the fact that PJSC “ZAZ” officially changed its name to “Promavtoinvest” at first was a shock, anyway, talking about the brand, inextricably linked with the history of the Ukrainian automotive industry. Further study has dispelled the anxiety — and why.

In a nutshell — about the history of the issue: Zaporizhia automobile plant was founded in 1961 on the capacity of the plant "Kommunar", which produced agricultural equipment (including the eponymous combine harvester). Before that, from 1863 to 1923 — the company belonged to a certain Abraham Koop and engaged in the manufacture of straw choppers, harvesters, bins and other equipment for agriculture.

        ЗАЗ или не ЗАЗ: Что изменилось?

Automotive career ZAZ started the production of subcompact cars ZAZ-965 "Zaporozhets" (1960-1963 gg..) and its more powerful 27-horsepower modifications ZAZ-965A "Zaporozhets" (1962-1969 gg..). In the early 70's on the Assembly line stood the new two-door sedan ZAZ-966 "Zaporozhets", after which started production of the model ZAZ-968M (in the people - "eared"). In 1975, the Union joined and Melitopol motor plant (MeMZ), and in 1987 ZAZ started production of its first serial model with a water - cooled motor - "Tavria".

        ЗАЗ или не ЗАЗ: Что изменилось?

However, now our aim is not a detailed historical digression. This certificate is needed in order to approach an important stage in the creation of the joint venture "AvtoZAZ-DAEWOO" in the late 1990s, the good old company "Zaporozhye automobile plant" has transferred all its production capacities the enterprise "Zaporizhzhya automobile building plant". So, until recently, part of UkrAVTO Corporation consisted of both companies, having as the name the same abbreviation: PJSC "ZAZ".

        ЗАЗ или не ЗАЗ: Что изменилось?

So who, in the end, ceased to be a ZAZ? According to the official report by Interfax-Ukraine, the name was changed it was the parent company PJSC "Zaporozhye automobile plant" that once transferred the power of the Ukrainian-Korean joint venture. Now the company, replaced at the same time the type of the joint stock company will be called CHAO "Promavtoinvest". But in manufacturing and brand car from Zaporozhye is not affected.

We will remind that in November of 2016 on ZAZ was produced 352 — vehicle 300 cars of ZAZ brand (Lanos, Sens, Lanos-van, Forza, Vida), 50 commercial vehicles and 2 buses on chassis TATA. According to the Association "Ukrautoprom", more equipment for the same period in Ukraine was collected only Transcarpathian "Eurocar", which released in November, 477 passenger cars Skoda.

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