I put the ceiling light in the trunk

Yesterday was a day off, and bad weather, decided to connect the previously installed ceiling lighting trunk, but it is very much deep in the trunk of the night.

a hole in the roof to the ceiling cut out a couple of days before that, it was scary to cut the roof but I coped with their fears and done it) using a stencil, pencil and stationery knife, if you execute the same, accurate under the skin of the roof is the wiring on the third brake light.

For connection had to ask a friend a little wires) gave a braid of what that machine, so the wiring pad delayed for a couple of hours until unraveled and chose 3 wires, wrapped them with tape, which is soft, it would not have hung out and not noise from the ceiling.

that would stretch had to shoot a lot of plastic, but, in principle, nothing complicated, almost all on the pistons, only one bolt 14 that secures the strap to the rack between the doors, he, too, has turned off, and you can probably differently but I decided to take pictures of everything I can))

wire went from the ceiling to the right side, then to the desk, and from it by the center light, connected in parallel, which would work as well as all the lights, light up with opening doors, goes smoothly, cool))))

Now I wait 12V outlet, want to put in the trunk, but has not decided yet where to connect,parallel to the native socket or lead wire to the fuse box

Well and photo), one)), such as forgetting to photograph when I do

I put the ceiling light in the trunk

salon disassembled

Photos night later will do)))

PS Please, if someone has the Nissan Note E12, and there is a shelf in the trunk, it is possible to make its size?) Want to cut yourself, and then have to make a template out of cardboard)) who can think and help))

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