3 hp (Direct the marafet)

3 hp (Direct the marafet)

While there was little time, it was decided to bring a small marafet in the engine compartment.

In particular, the lid covering the spark plug wires , peeling paint, inlet too. It is, of course, no one hurt, but it still hurt the eyes.

First cleared the cover of candle wires from old paint, primed, and under the paint, lacquer finish. Inlet also cleaned, and under the paint - forgot sfotat later lay already normal photos

Of course, it added + 3l.s..Is thought by some visitors to this BZ)))

And in fact, there was a time, it was the paint, there was a desire - why not do a little bit of beauty

P.S?. later do normal photos and lay out:)

P.P.S. tightened some more photos)

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