And yet I decided to sell …

27.12.2016 left my Omega. I sold for the reason that the machine required to attach the hands to pass something, but they still can not reach ... As always ... While driving on it brought to mind a FIAT , effort and time again intermeddle repaired quite no. Between Opel and Fiat Fiat has chosen for the reason that it is to me as a mother! While Opel was faster, more comfortable, more still between a choice I do not even care! And wait until the "best" times, while there are the means and the time to full recovery would not for the reason that the car should not be, the machine must go! I hope the new owner will bring it to a state of "sat down and went," the more so that the body in a state of okoloidealnom! And Opel that were lastly photosad:

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