Backlit interior. Question…

Colleagues, Hello!
decided to start repairing the car. The weekend will be partly disassembled
- Purchased completely new exhaust system, all the rubber hangers. The catalyst will be digested in the flame arrestor
-. Bought thermostat, heater radiator edges Helal
- We'll deal with antsy and podtraivaniem
-. Commissioned in different parts of the world the missing body parts - rapids rear bumper, covers, replace a broken right headlight
- Hinges of doors, the original
-. door locks are removed, washed, oiled. Sami doors will be adjusted as far as possible.

There was a question! Since the torpedo will still be partially disassembled, then I decided to do including backlight illumination devices in half does not burn. Manual for OOA bit, so please specify:
- What kind of light bulbs standing in a tidy, both in size, only 3W
- Which bulbs are in the buttons on the tidy, in the buttons of glass, in the light switch in the Sheep adjustment? headlight
-. Which bulbs are illuminated in BC?

What kind of light bulbs you could just buy and rearrange, and where it is necessary to cast with a soldering iron

Another question. Is the speaker mesh to shoot at the door separately? All battered life want a little patch up and tighten akk.tkanyu

So is the open question on fog Restayl) It is not found in the CIS) Maybe someone lying around, you can even broken, broken -. Think of something )

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