Can someone tell me that.

Can someone tell me that.

Hello! And all I congratulate the New Year and all the best to all and horses do not break and excellent suspension!))) Owners of omega-not rotting body!
long time something did not write anything, I forgot how ...

I have no pleasure happened until it's viewed that as a yes, but many say - head to take to change the gasket at least
A. so it began - the car began to boil, smoke from the exhaust white rose, sometimes to be seen in traffic in front of the machine (in the wind). Antifreeze not helped - was a geyser. I had to go to the distilled water, but it started to slip away (on average up to work and home every day, for 3-4 days, 4 liters of water), where it is going to understand it was not anything that drips. The pressure in the system increased, so much so that after a while it struck the radiator.
The machine now stands under the house, does not go.
Candles not looking, the emulsion is not seen. I thought to have not so long ago, look emulsion (you never know), not made - the car catches, and starts the engine stalls, the starter turns over - catches, with the engine running steadily and then stall almost immediately.

Where to watch?
What to do first? Or just opening show
Is there a description of the problem and the solution step by step
By how much money will fall at least about

PSSistema cooling -??? To a broad sideways, at the same time on the radiator is jam ... C20NE engine, to correct the situation?

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