You can not just take and neperevarit Opel

Someone does it for time, and it has already become a tradition for me. every summer for 3 years in a row I derebanyu Omega, and then make myself and other people engaged in its cutting and sewing)
So, step by step, it turns Frankenstein, which every year more and stronger and stronger.

this year derebanit omega forced "crickets". squeaks, knocks, noises while driving oppressed and give the effect of "ushatannosti" design. . gluing joints "velvet ribbon," the desired effect is not given, the installation of braces - not the best solution, so like it or not, and without surgery anywhere, as a result of restoration work done is not pulled, but the body mouth a plugged, which is what had to be me)

this year, no easy fate to combat scab got rusty ClabGarag with which he coped well, for which many thanks to him!

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