Taki blacklisted
Machinery almost died (in terms of full navalivaniya)

What it is:..
- The wiring moved in xy * demons and every day something from electricians itself fails or is repaired
- grappled constantly overheated, and then fiercely, wildly stalled on each acceleration
- Ticker stove lost facepalm axis. He kondeyny, yes ...
- On uneven and speed 120+ strongly shakes the car
- found all the rust, I did not find when buying. And deal with it do not want.

All problem can be solved, but not in my terms for the next six months.
Yes and the machine bored.
I do not know where to put it.
If I find Omega normal wiring and body, will build two monster on uzete / dzheyzete. If you can not find ...
W201, W124 or G35 Coupe, and the selling / buy.

Such cases.


It's my ex-Omega just before his departure to the new owner

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