One chance in a thousand!



Just leave it here - can someone come in handy. I used about this and did not know ...

In general, yesterday decided to ride on the snow, until he melted on BMW'he Vos .

standing, decided which way to keep, make and here - all the lights are flashing, the signaling emits strange sounds, the starter does not twist at all. Open the hood of the hood, I'm to the BATT and negative lead terminal together in my hand =). They tried to pull the terminal at what is left - nifga took screw and screw inwards ... They arrived at the garage.

One chance in a thousand!

Here in general =)

Next I showed previously unseen by me, a way to repair battery conclusions.

One chance in a thousand!

Clean a file on top of the plane and circumferentially

10 minutes looking for tins.


One chance in a thousand!

this is a

fact - on the plus and minus of different diameters conclusions

<. p20>

get a little porous, but for the first time come down a bit processed file and went to put in the car.

One chance in a thousand!


Battery Pack for 10 years. The reason for the case, surely, was the fact that the previous owner of the terminal is often rented as many like to do, leaving the car in the garage, even at night.

Py.Sy. To my eyes it was Tsіkavo!

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