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came frost, the snow itself is already in the street is not particularly dig deeper in the car and even got already dragged to the service station, blamed all their troubles sensors but it turned out that all that I have almost died fuel pump buzzing everything seems ok but does not pump fills half a kilo and all ... everything is clear, connect another pump for experimentation stuffed in ramp three hernia and with grief in half machine started up but as it turned out only at the first cylinder, all of the signals on the nozzle is, removed the nozzle on the stand they are kind of the same amount of fuel but they do not rozpylyayut and just stupidly poured all ... Left to their stand 20 minuteshammer in the end they bit relieved, but not enough, have treated the ultra-sound result after this procedure, I have not known, but I think that they feel better will be fine, by the way, two of these nozzles bought disassembly according to the "ideal" Well, how would But in this ideal they were, on the same parsing bought explosive wires and ignition coils benefit them in truth and in good condition as well as talking.

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