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Colleagues, Hello.
A small digression on the subject of the former owners. I'm not talking about specific people (who, I know there is), talking in general about our "people" who are accustomed to live and poustpat so
If you can not keep the old, not the cheapest cars -. Not you need to buy it and finish it every collective farm. I hope that you will be rewarded your attitude to these poor old machines ...

I am sorry that I do not spread records - the end of the year, work and other otmazuhi trying to justify the imaginary time:)
With the last record with a machine . already done quite a lot of
Let's start with the fact that last month bludgeoned terrible cold - the average temperature in the area dzherzhalas 27-30 degrees. In my suburbs fell to -40 at night, of course, Opel in a frost is not wound up. Although, admittedly - he fought bravely. Not made only because of a dead RTD, because of which to be run on holordnuyu need considerably pomaslat starter, what was not ready battery, spent the night on the street.
In one of their days off, gathered up all the parts that were in their hands, and I went to his father's work in the shop. It was done as follows:
thermostat -Replace
-Replace cable speedometer illumination and dumps
-Replace cavity and gum
-Replace muffler and gum, and a collar (I want to note that bought gum shit - now vibartsiya is terrible on the body of the resonator. I would change)
-Replace sleeve door hinges. The problem before the end of this is not decided, just for the rear doors, the play remained drawdown remained. Closes become nicer, but not perfect, will khimichit something else. Can the old fashioned way - sweep and the valve from classics
-Removed trehomudiya the stove.. At the entrance to the stove were made tees for heating redukora HBO, which here probably once stood. The gearbox was not and would-be masters have not invented anything better than to drown out the hoses with each other, forming a so-called additional "small" circle in front of the stove. Stoves on the old Omega and so not pyshat heat, and here at all at idle from the oven blows cold, because OJ just does not reach raditora. After dumping all this was connected to the hose with hot water and return to the input to the output and put pressure. A pile of nasties, sealants, mucus eluted minutes 7. When flowed clean water, decided to turn the fan on and lo and behold - the stove radiates heat. Do not tell me, "Why washed, flow", etc. Flow - will change. A repair vsyakimim sealants, additives, Stranding - because of the omega-collective farm and live his life in landfills in half-dead state.

After cooling slightly weakened, I decided to start - poluchilso. I decided to go on it to work, ride, so to speak.
noticed background noise at speed, resembling a frozen bearing viscous coupling. Sobogo paid no attention. About half way through, I light up the whole garland wheel becomes stiff and light abate. I understand that on the street -30, I have 10 Adjustment knob Benz in the tank, kiltometrov 7 to work, about the same to the house and I cut short nafig all belts. There also turned and ran home. Not reached about 50 meters to the parking lot, the battery died ...
I Gave the car near the automobile dealer and ran a stop zhdyat trolleybus
Replacing the belts on these engines -. Procedure is extremely fast and boring, so even writing about it will not. I can only say that the two bought a belt for 300 rubles, changed in 10 minutes directly from the same automobile dealer, where the cast. In the evening, drove - everything is fine, going fine, no noise, the cabin heat
The next day decided skatatsya the sink, good weather allowed (-6).. After washing, I pleased rushed home, but then caught fire chekushku, then caught fire ABS, then the instrument lights gradually start abating. I realized that I, for whatever reason, takes charge and the machine is now rise. How disappointing it was to break back into the 100 meters from home right at the crossroads near the shopping center, where a lot of people go for shopping and groceries on NG. Came father, lit me, drove up to the house. He took off the battery and leave the car before the holidays. Cause me about clear - there is such a posting on Shocking happening under the hood, especially in the genes. It's not even twist - it's just a game of some sort. As bud two wires glued snot. Gori, the "expert" in hell, which it has done. It's just not safe
It is my vybesila -. I do not like that I'm not sure this machine, I can not leave her, even for a city, because not sure I can reach or return. The saddest thing that this machine is no longer like everyone except me 🙁 Especially my beloved, in whom the most adequate attitude to cars of all my relatives According to her -. Auto comfortable vehicle and nothing more. Everything has its pros and cons, to samole main thing - cars must ride when it is needed.
But I alone know that the machine is not to blame - it so treated, tortured, tortured, repaired only during breakdowns. In short it rolled How much remains to be done ... and sell such a machine, I can not morally. Give the other person cars, which simply is not safe to go ...
In general, I do not know what to do. The holidays will think of course, but the final rshenie already asking itself ...

Lastly, the same photo, made after washing, 10-15 minutes prior to breakage. I look at it, there is something in it, I can not understand that - something catchy ...

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