Trouble for NG ((


All with NG
Yesterday was a trouble with the car ... not start (((
In fact: recently refueled on the parallels ... traveled a little
Stood night ... started the warm up in motion ... a couple of times twitched. at a speed ... but it was going ...
Put the car and stomped for the family ... They went out and she was not a guru ((
landed CRA has not sneezed ... unscrewed drain the fuel filter ... nothing flows (((. is seen zaparafinilo grid in bake.i is at -6!
Here's a winter diesel fuel in the tank ... 3/4 ... Tips pour 1.5 liters benza.kto say that.
filter replacement, and will look to compete for the Kyoto razvozdushki starter ... no ... I bleed the battery is not enough ... and was going to go to the village

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