Clutch Cable with manual adjustment

Hello! How then I went to the regional city of the Family Court, and already on his way home at the traffic lights at me with a click of the clutch pedal falls)))) naturally car stalls, the green, rear honk! But for some reason, I was mentally prepared for such a situation and to include the first, wound up on the gear and emergency gang drove to the place where you can stop to see! Who does not know how to switch without clutch explain, includes a first, start the car, the gas in the floor, twitching but wound up and went, that would switch to higher release the gas, and at this point turn off the transmission, a little lawn and include the following (this must be done quickly! ) well, etc. That would include a lower gear, just turn off the transmission to reset the gas and roll or brake on neytralke to speed the desired, then similarly, the gas and turn right gear ... but I digress))))) and so I stopped on a dime, examination showed that everything is in order, the cable in place, and even the clutch again appeared, but after a couple of squeezing all repeated, empirically it has been observed that the clutch operates normally if you press only half stroke, which I did across the road to the house. At home a smoke forums revealed that the problem is not unique and is likely related to the mechanism of tension cable that later, and turned from me, the mechanism just broke (((
In search of a new cable turned out that there are several options, and it is not clear what they each from each other, I did a couple of days traveled with a rope by 2110, but this is not approached, because the cable from vases longer our

Clutch Cable with manual adjustment and he gets a strong bending,

Clutch Cable with manual adjustment (green marks the position of the native cable) because of what the clutch pedal has become very tight. As a temporary variang can still be used, but always there. In the study of variants of cables was found that they differ only in length and manner of fastening of the clutch pedal, one end of the cable to the plastic carabiner, and who is just a boss, a carbine comes as a separate item. I is a cable with a plastic karabinchikom at the end of such and ordered

Clutch Cable with manual adjustment

Clutch Cable with manual adjustment after the installation had a couple of times by experience adjust it, but now works fine clutch pedal is light and adequate))

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