Power Steering Pump Replacement

All greetings! As the name implies it will be about a pump replacement GUR, the process itself is not interesting, and described many times on any resource ...
Originally pump hummed and practically did not work, did not work at idle, which would feel the whole donut rotation charm with the amplifier had gazovat))))) Dismantling the pump does not not lead to anything, it was revealed that at the ends of the rotor were not such frail shell, simply put the pump died completely. He began to monitor the market most of these pumps, the price certainly not ice, even in Minsk Malinovka pump worth 3200 rubles (boo), but if I often went there it was possible to confuse, but as in Minsk ezdzhu every six months, the point in buying it was not (as it turned back!) Tightened their belts and bought a new pump, says Germany, the company HDE

Power Steering Pump Replacement absolutely brand new still, comes complete with a tank

Power Steering Pump Replacement
Put, poured a new muck, as expected pump earned the right, there is no noise, the wheel turns easily, but expensive, but what do ...
For cars with engine 1.6 with Conder came up as a mother, if that's number

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