straightening dents without painting

in early October, late in the evening I hesitated door - right in the yard, where Pyzhik once again fell in the night (the woman from next door, had a fight with a drunken husband, has not calculated its strength and leaving a parking space on the Renault Fluence, I drove back to sleep in my Pyzhik). woman left immediately, but her drunken husband has promised to reimburse all (even promised to buy a new door), begging not to call traffic police ... I agreed (stupid, yes). neighbors on sober has not been so generous ...) part of the money for repairs they gave me a month, and some as early as December.
perpetrators of the incident advised me to straighten the door, podshpaklevat, paint, and then sell the car. Then I was adamant. that the repair will not be for sale, but for themselves.
decided to straighten without painting.
handyman first ramp to the garage. he wanted to work for 7000. but he said that he would remain on tsarapok body, which in the course of a little increase in size. foremost among craftsmen it was until December, and I would like early ... and he also advised me to the firm, which has hosted more expensive, but doing well.
in company man promised that there will be no Scratchy that all straightened perfectly. and I believe it. the more they stood in the garage novёhonkaya Audi, and they showed me pictures, as soon as it was wrinkled ... it was the best argument.
contract price here. and it seemed that I was a little overstated ... my question is, why a little expensive, the mechanic said, "because I feel like I'm doing it's just another door I finished on a small dent to earn more money, and then mess around for two days!!!" decent price justification)
all in the company was also, I have appointed the beginning of November.

straightening dents without painting

fix dents without painting

that's the result of the work. I am happy.

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