As far as I remember the words of the previous owner, who was not the owner of the first car in the Union, this Plymouth originally from Canada.

In places where peeling black paint, it is clear that when it was blue. Released whether the machine with color from the factory or when it has been repainted, I do not know.

Previous owner bought the car in the nineties, where the garages in the Red Selo, the car was the engine, but without the box. Soon he bought another a sedan for the engine with a box, but as the donor himself was badly rusted, it was sawed. The machine was put in order, and it seemed even eventually moved under its own power. But, at the time of occurrence for me, Plymouth would not start.

From the words of his father in the '90s there were a lot older Americans who fell into disrepair or that something went wrong and, in the absence of spare parts, they stood on garage and yard, thrown in the trash. Often, they can be bought on the cheap.
Now, of course, no one would hand was raised to throw a classic American in the trash, but at the time they were old, unusable machines that are either of no value to the owner, or realizing that they were never will in the order of the people selling the car, just to release the garage.

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