The beginning of this story.

The beginning of this story.

This machine suddenly came to me in 2005.

stingray Plymouth with a tow truck in the garage, my father and I tried to put the battery, but it turned out that starter does not twist. Due to the fact that I was incredibly busy with work and other projects, Plymouth has been decided to postpone until better times.

In terms of the state of the car though and has some traces of operation and maintenance in the Soviet Union, but it is for his age in good condition. The machine which where cooked, sometimes it is done not too neatly, but the machine has reached our times live, and not in the form of rusty rot.
In terms of units in it there is no Soviet engineering, such as engines, gearboxes and axles from the Volga and other things.
Salon in a very good, for his age, condition. Of course there are a few cuts and cracks on the imitation leather, have worn, the car still drove, and not in the collection was, but the whole interior home, whole and complete.

First I visited the insane idea to make him a chop-top, chrome grille excited my imagination, but by the time when he became approximately estimate how much time effort and resources have to be spent for the realization of an idea, I have decided that all this is from the evil one, and should just bring the car back to normal, to skate and having fun rather than venturing another project, construction of which will drag on for years.

at the moment, the plans, first of all, to put the car on the move . And then, as the forces and capabilities to bring to mind.

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