The time has come!

The time has come!

In all the time that the car was in the garage, I have repeatedly visited this thought: "I have a real American car and he just stands in the garage, what the hell he just stands there, I could have so much time to ride it and have fun! ". I thought that it was quite possible to not try to disassemble the machine to the screws and carefully restore, and just put on the course and sometimes go along the way leading to the order. Because when you have a car is worth it and you do not end, it's exhausting and already started another project and indulge in all serious with the second machine would not be correct. Therefore, if you do - that small forces

But I did not know that there is not a machine, why does not twist the starter, and indeed that there is a motor, gearbox, wiring.? Are they still alive? At the time of the appearance of the car was just put in the garage and thoroughly nobody has studied.
Also, I was busy with two other projects, work the last 5 years has been very busy with work.

But then came the moment when you need to do something which changes in the garage.
Under this deal, I decided nevertheless to look under the hood and see what's there at all is happening.
course under the hood i I looked the first time, but in those days, when it last happened, I was thinking not so much in all this to yourself to understand that there is not.

But in recent years I have in something a little began to understand, and looking under the hood, I saw that everything on view is not as bad in the engine and gearbox oil is, antifreeze is, all machines except for power steering pump and air filter available. After studying conducting, I realized that it is quite simply to a remarkably simple: the motor is suitable for just one small connector. No you half a ton of wires, sensors and computers, both on modern machines
But there was one big question. Why does not twist the starter? Carefully inspect the wiring, I saw that all the wires in place. I brought the battery and try again to start the car with the key. However, when transferring the key in the start position in response was silence.
Then taking that looked tester plus the starter arrives, the mass is and even comes plus the starter relay after the ignition switch. But the relay itself did not work. After removing the plug from the relay, I applied directly plus retractor. and was happy to hear the sound of the engine cranking!

Engine cheerfully spinning and at least without a screen, knocking and other extremely unpleasant sounds!
Lucky! It is necessary to dig deeper!

dealt with the switch, I found that there is no weight on the control contacts. I did not yet understand where she lost in the wiring, and just connect the wire to the body.

The next time the case was connected to my father. We were once again all visited, and he offered to try to start the engine, the Gulf of the carburetor a little gasoline to make sure it works.
Bay a little gasoline in the carburetor and turning the key, the engine is cranked several times and we heard a cheerful roar eight.
The next thing to check box. Dolili oil, and setting the stage for the motor made sure that the car is going back and forth.

So the machine as a whole is still alive and it is possible to deliver the course with reasonable effort.

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