Bullies (autopsy)

Once again, all welcome!
Today was in the service station, and "finally" saw all this sadness.
In general, there are both good and undoubtedly bad news.
diagnosis is :
1), 4 piston at the replacement (new come with rings) + 2 sets of rings for the remaining pistons
2) clutch for replacement with a flywheel (self clutch disc in good condition, oddly enough) 3) bearing intermediate shaft by replacing
4) and yet there is some stuff
5) and gilzovka self-a ...
Knee living - this is good news, and perhaps the only one.

Spare parts will be ordered in the next few days, so the price will be later.

And further, I want to leave here the anti-tip about the oil filter BOSCH 1457429263!
existential It recommends that this filter as an analog of the original
( www.exist.ru/Parts/Defaul....aspx?pid=B0A05B9Esr=-36 ).
it turned out that he was a little smaller than the original, which ultimately could lead to oil starvation in the engine with all the consequences.
It in the treasury of one of the causes of my scoring ...

all World!

Bullies (autopsy)


Bullies (autopsy)

everything is in order ...

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