Bullies …

... that word is valid "magical" way to the owners of the atmospheric 911-x (and other cars, which is peculiar to this problem).

The next frosty morning while I clean off a machine snow, and the car in this humbly basked time, I heard a strange clatter, which had not heard until now. The clatter came from the Motor
And just the idea -. "? Or Bullies still gidriki Or a self-lost .. Yeah ... Nadeeeysya, nadeeeysya Koneeeechno ... everything goes by itself-a ...?"
In general, the panic, the Lord! )
Today I filmed all this mess:
- air temperature: -10 degrees.
- oil Mobil1 5w50, levels greater than the average value
- at start of the cold Nothing knocks. After 7-10 minutes (when the engine is warmed up to 40 degrees) poyavlyatesya knock. After a full warm-up is a knock
-. Knocks only within the revolutions of the twentieth to 1000, and its frequency depends on the speed. Above 1000 oborotov- stops pounding

Actually, a question -. It
? Of course, have to go to diagnose, because quietly now I can not sleep, but still want to know in advance whether this is a sign of the beginning of the end ...

Bullies ...

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