IceRally 2017 First stage 25.12.2016

IceRally 2017 First stage 25.12.2016

At this time, all in adults. 112 participants. "Rear wheel drive" Of these, 17 in the class. 19 cars on fighting like thorns to be "scratched" the ice.

fastener great!
The track is beautiful! The long (about 4 km), with no blind studs.
Speed ​​whoopee!
Six minutes kaifa!
real Rally!
Check out the video. The main thing is to not seasick)

The photo - configuration of the route, which organizers planned to build. Actually, the longer and more harmonious.

For family reasons arrived late. Late for trial races. Went first race without presenting quite what coverage, where the turns and everything. Struggling looking out in front, where there is the next cone and a steepness of the rotation. Well, wrong. I see two cones, close and far away. Focusing on long-range, I accelerate and ... I understand that the far cone belongs to a different section of the track. A turn - here it is. Ahhhh! Sideways, back, somehow I stop the booty in the snow. Twenty meters from the path. Well, not stuck. Having finished check, realized that the recorder is in the pocket and not suspended on the windshield. So, the first race in the history is not preserved.

In the second race it was easier. It is clear that such a line in one passage does not remember. But even I felt the rhythm, speed. I understand that there are "plugging" and "violent hodyar". I went with confidence. In the video - this race. And the result pleased. Conceding a tenth best time of the day, in the absolute. Well, except for the sports spikes clear.

mistake, however, is not necessary. First class (rear wheel drive) starts first, immediately after the spikes. Coverage in this moment, objectively, the best, the least slippery. By the time the machine will start 3rd grade (4wd), front-wheel drive of the second class representatives and their 29 (!), Thoroughly napolirovyvayut ice. It turns out that the fastest machine - rwd

And this fact is that now I'm going right after the spikes on neraskatannomu ice -. One more confirmation of the correctness of my decision. On the removal of the front axle. More speed! Less "ledodrocha"! So much more interesting ride. Before something, I went to the 4th grade at the end of the list. When it was slippery, slippery.

Pro tires. I bought at Continental ContiVikingContact 6 this winter. Production in 2016 front, and in 2015 - the rear. At first I wanted to write simply: Bus - fire! Anyone buying. Then he wondered. Everything is easy. I this year to go well, but in the case if the tires? I can compare with the previous year, when the second winter driving on the same Bridgestone BlizzakRevoGZ. . So

Here are the facts:
- Breeches were the second season, and Conti New
- the width of the rear tires Bridge 275 Conti 245
- before I started in 4th grade, is now in the first, just behind the spikes
- when the front tires do not have the time, or rather rulezhka less demolition.
That thought:
- I became a better pilot))
- Conti better suited 911 th. No, well, that, as the German car)
- 911 rides better, when he is in his element. Not only the rear-but RWD. How did it and created.
In general, Conti is clearly better than Bridge. My subjective opinion: Conti better

A photo from the stage is not.. Absolutely. No pictures of all the chasing.

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