The service life of the pump – 100 000 km.

The service life of the pump - 100 000 km.

At some point I realized that the low buzz of the motor has an additional overtone. A little higher. From the sound - it is unclear. Muffler or something, went bankrupt? But, had worried long. With each start the sound of the motor grew louder. Then to add to it a rare but distinctive ringing. Plus whistling belt ancillary drive, which got started antifreeze. Well, pink puddle on the pavement ...

Machine - "on the fence", itself in the Internet in search of. Dealers in Moscow and St. Petersburg this pump no. Only on order from Germany, with delivery due in a couple of months. Not an option. Well then, "foreigners will help us." I decided to buy Pelicanparts. And rightly so. Two weeks later, already sign a receipt. Separately amused sending route). Logistics -. Not easy, and sometimes mysterious science

Making of America, took the customs clearance. Or go to make out, or the customs broker the delivery service UPS. Cost of services 940 rubles. I, of course, choose a broker. Fees not, as a small amount. But I had to fill out an explanation, saying that, for personal use. Send to e-mail to the broker along with a copy of the passport and the TCP. I paid on receipt brokerage.

Bought pump, belt and tension roller. What would replace everything at once, just such a thing. And I take this opportunity to add to the order a couple of carbon cabin filters. They weigh almost nothing, so the cost of delivery will not be affected.

Replacement did not go easy. I myself was not present, according to the mechanics. To get to the pump, the motor had to lower a little bit. A machine for 12 years, gum / seals are no longer young. Elasticity past is no more. Replaced-assembled, we tightened. Started the engine - antifreeze flows. I had to change some pipes / gaskets. Replaced-assembled, we tightened. Started the engine - power steering fluid leakage. With this, too, we coped. Well, the service is decent, large, with its own warehouse of spare parts. It turned out to pick up non-original parts.

enclose in the parcel sticker pelican (pictured). . Funny)

About the money:..
47119 - items together with delivery
940 - customs broker
12205 - Work
Total: 60 264 rubles

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