Without struggle

Without struggle

Winter came. Seas and lakes were frozen - you can go! The first check - in Spassk-Far. The town is 200 kilometers from Vladivostok. There, on the ice of a small lake "Petrosyantsevo", the first stage SnowRally2017. Fresh, very smooth ice, and only two cars on the "bed of nails". And a little bit of snow. Overall - a very slippery

three dozen players, seven of them in the classroom rwd.. It seemed to me that the experience of participation in such competitions none of my "class" were not rivals. So, in spite of my turns and pirouettes in the first two races, the fight did not happen.

The most important thing. How do I ehalos without front axle? Fun
By items:!
- acceleration from the start seems endless, long time
- acceleration after running corners is good, then the loss of front-wheel drive does not feel
- wheel clearer and more precise, almost no drift when at the apex tselishsya
- driving arc is now slower, a little more gas - immediately takes back
- algorithm rescue another machine at critical angles of drift

There should be more. Previously, as if greatly puts - gas decreases, but only slightly. Exactly hold. And front-wheel drive pulls. Now gas is necessary to remove almost completely. And it is better not to bring the skid to large angles - more time to lose, lining

In general, I received an excellent training on very slippery ice.. That's it, after a year break and return to rear-wheel drive.

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