A little about the heat in the house

More in the process of remaking cars, it was decided to abandon the regular fan oven - Food and neduyuschego (only pretends to blow). At Loisy this experiment was a great success by replacing the fan of 08-09
And then formed more Freestuff fan oven by BMW (repair services do not - because they only change :)).
All rework process was peeped at U-tube. And because it was a long time (three years ago), the link is, unfortunately, not preserved. Here, there is something similar to

So do the workpiece.
fanerku 3mm impregnated with water-repellent mixture (and digested in working out) size 24x30 cm
4 pin M10, M10 nuts and washers.

A little about the heat in the house


Behind the fan there are two bolt fastening the back cover - this is for them, and I decided to tie the whole structure
Cut from 1.5mm steel plate, drill. holes in it for fixing these same bolts and a hole for the influx of more on the back cover of the fan. On the plate Navariya ribs rigidity (still 1.5 mm - tonkovat for such a powerful fan).
In fanerku cut a hole under the impeller diameter 3 mm greater than the impeller. He gathered together the entire unit (nut tightened strongly and red thread lock) - has turned hard and steadily

A little about the heat in the house

Gathered fan design


Now came the turn of completion of the bottom cover the stove body.

A little about the heat in the house


A little about the heat in the house

Very gut sticking out! On the stove top is visible pimpochka bypass air

took off her, put the structure in place, I checked the size of the protrusion of the lid and cut a window in the lid. Then sealed the window of polystyrene pieces so that the lower part of the fan is not limited by opening tailgate.
One piece is ready.
I decided to put the stove radiator from 2111, as it has access to the expansion tank for the purging of the system. But the thing - the radiator tubes 2111 are on the other side (((This did not stop me - not to throw out it! Cut through the slot nozzle on the other side of the body, and regular holes sealed again polystyrene.

A little about the heat in the house

Radiator 2111 on the site of

Now there was a question of connection to the coolant system. Acquired stove 08-09 crane body. Long I tried to implement. To do this, even a part of the engine shield drowned by a Bulgarian-welding inside the engine compartment. Anyway, nothing kleilos. Then he gave up the cable of the crane and the crane acquired stove Business Gazelle. It has one input and two outputs. That is, in the same position (valve open), it skips the hot coolant to the radiator, and the second (closed valve), the coolant does not flow to the radiator, and merges back into the system (a kind of by-pass). Why bypass valve? He wanted to provide for the correct operation of the cooling system with a closed radiator stove. On the hot fluid hose from the thermostat (thermostat from Kalina) will be an extra pump to avoid "thermal shock". What it is? Imagine the summer heat, you were transported to a parking lot and turn off the ignition (and coolant temperature on the threshold of a radiator fan operation). The motor is stopped, the coolant is no movement, but the engine continues to heat up very rapidly - there is a "heat stroke". Many people in order to avoid that connect the radiator fan relay is not in the ignition circuit, and directly to the battery (I'm not talking about modern machines - talking about our "ancient"). I did the same. But rapidly cool the engine when facing the pump does not work. That's why I put doppompu, which is connected in parallel (on electricity), the radiator fan. Doppompa got me free (a great word - "freebie"!) From the MB. What makes it good - it detached from the impeller shaft, ie the shaft does not rotate the impeller directly in Gazelevskoy. The impeller is rotated by the rotation of the magnetic field, which makes unnecessary any seals-shmalniki))) and thus increases the reliability of the pump itself.
Since the motor from the BMW stove is very powerful, I decided to connect it through the oven knob and the relay unit. a-a.d-cd.net/9b0ce84s-960.jpg
Perhaps it's nothing, but better safe than nedobdet. And the food on the stove goes directly from the battery. From the ignition circuit is only relyuhi management.
As long as it feels. What is not clear, ask. Maybe I missed that.
To be continued ...

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