And a little more about the pendants

I forgot to write in the previous post about the additional block the installation of fuses in the machine's power supply system
In the vastness of ALI was purchased fuse with alarm burnout block Previous This is an example -. Could not find your order This was done in order to decouple and do not lightly loaded wiring of additional consumers:
- e / trunk lock
- multimedia
- additional sockets
- and other
To this to set on the motor unit panel is supplied with cable 6mm2 was + 12c directly from the battery. And then through the fuses on the relevant consumers.

And a little more about the pendants

Additional fuse box with napominatelnymi pictures

also for the normal operation of the headlights was purchased by auto-corrector here and set - the unit itself under the dashboard, download the sensor - to the rear axle

<. a3> And a little more about the pendants

electronic unit under the dash

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