Cyclops S1L – purchase history

Dear friends

For the first 24 hours of placing the Cyclops on site - we had almost two hundred subscribers! In the words of a classic - a "tsifir"! So the right thing to do.

History of buying this baby almost a detective with a lot of accidents that were not casual in the future.

At the beginning of February 2016 a very good man (whom we met here on Drive ) said that, in the small town of Penza region has a collection of cars, including - a rare Morgunovka that he was offered last year. I did not attach any importance to this - one "almost Morgunovka" I already had (ZAZ-965)) and start another one was not in my plans, focused on finding a good instance of the GAZ-21, or 24. In general, this and the case had to end;)

In late February, I visited a friendly visit to the city of Tula and became better acquainted with the leader of the retro movement of the city and the permanent organizer Michael Gotesmanom Motorways. It was he who opened my eyes to such a rarity, as the three-wheeled microcar S1L Cyclops. Naturally, the same evening I wrote to his friend in the Penza region - "they say, was a fool really want forward contact seller". But since I did not initially interested, he handed the phone to another person Seller and categorically refused to give it to me. This position I respected and eagerly waited for what the outcome of this dialogue with human salesman. It took a couple of weeks. And - I finally got a phone seller

Cyclops S1L - purchase history

Here such I saw my future Cyclops by MMS on your mobile phone.

But the - the phone was unavailable. Absolutely. Using his connections to certain services on the mobile phone number collected almost a "dossier" on that person, including addresses / turnout / passwords, but - other mobile phone numbers on it has not been registered. Dead end. The plan was to just go to the address and look for it on the spot - but go for 800 km with a low probability of success (maybe me there would only dogs lowered) did not want to ...

My friend from Penza threw link to ads the sale of a retro motorcycle in the same town, where the seller (pos. Kuznetsk, Penza region). I call for talking (his bike I was a little interested, I hope he will forgive). Gently say - "... you Kuznetsk straight Klondike me there last year Morgunovku offered ..." And he says - "because the owner left us these machines to another world ... Even last fall ..." DEADLOCK!

It took another couple of weeks. The idea that somewhere right now there is such a rare car would not let me rest. Referring again to his companions set a goal - to search for any contact his sons / daughters. We found one daughter only mobile phone number (she lives in Moscow). But - it was blocked. Again deadlock ...

Friday, April 8, 2016, evening, Volgograd. I'm sitting in a hotel after the successful purchase of two scooters (Vyatka VP150 and Tula T200 with rare cradles - they will still be in my story BZ). Before departure left a couple of hours. Completely randomly dialed telephone number in Yandex and daughter ... MIRACLE! In one of the social networks that marred number and a minute later I write a message to this beautiful girl who I am and what I need. I get the answer - this question can communicate with her brother, takes off room

I called.. Judging by the sounds - a man on the road. I explain who I am and what I should be very well from it)) Says - late, we carry the entire collection in the Crimea, now just the road to the peninsula. What does it mean? So I was late ... Gently ask - "A microcar disabled, three-wheeled, with a steering wheel instead of the steering wheel - is already taken?" "Needless to say, still remains. We are going to ship it to the transporter in a couple of days." BINGO! Then explain to me how important this machine, how many times it has failed. And - I get agreement to sell! I get the contacts of another son of the former owner in the Kuznetsk, I get on mms pictures machine, negotiate a price (just warning - to disclose this figure will not)

Cyclops S1L - purchase history <. img3>

neighbor Cyclops - Tatra

But, as always, there is a nuance)) in order to pick up the car, I have only 24 hours. I remind you - I was in another town, less than an hour I have a plane. And here comes into play FRIENDSHIP! The only way I can describe our relationship with Denis Zimenkova. Only one may cancel all their affairs in a legal holiday, leave on Saturday towards the area, to negotiate with the driver Gazelle, agree with the place where to store this machine in Penza (yes, I am emboldened even so))) - and do it all! The truth was more urgent task to transfer money to him, but I coped with it successfully on a Saturday morning ...

When Saturday night the car was already in the right place ... I gasped and raised his glass of whiskey! The whole operation took 22 hours from the time of my posts in social networks! The party had friends who did not share my interest in retro art, but they had to listen to half an hour in what is rare is this machine and it seems that they even something understood))) Well, thank you so much to my wife - that I supports my hobby, I supported this time!

Cyclops S1L - purchase history

move the stars to release S1L ...

For me it is a very important sign - when something gets hard, breaks down, but in the end when it starts to turn develops fully, a few small things and random.

The approach to restoration is thorough. Experience is - including errors, where do without them))

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