I do not know, cry or rejoice. Godik perch suffer while in the garage, covered with foil. The army called dunce-host. : D
during this time is silent BZ done:
-peresverlil to R13 (having nothing to do for the suspension is likely to go up from 2110, pimeril like nravitstsa)
-zakupleny nishtyachki: Thresholds, amplifiers, dnina as the front and rear, tube-prof (Secret is what, but then it will be described in detail try;). with pictures)
-prignan donor 2110 injector (cheers as intended!) Killed in the state ... ... Kraaayne killed more precise car sawn in half, in the area (the bar in good condition ... is not damaged;) almost very, very ...)
-from Citylink scratched very necessary things ... exactly one very fit ( Klats! ), the second OU is very necessary ( Klats-Klats ), and of a third straight kapets what is necessary, especially for oki! ( Klats-Klats-Klats: D )
Locate the door for rotten home ... almost for nothing ... The gift will come, alas, after the new year.
Locate EXPLANATORY Tokarev, who promised vytochnit completing this here Pribluda ( Klats-Klats;) ) I hope the creator of the theme it is deleted (for lathe with a computer is not something that "you", and "oh what kind of button" and "damn it, and he blinked Che?", and I do not have a printer to print: D) ​​
- "knocked out" one eye! (An attempt to make a dunce "Bed-Bowes" But it seems not a bad attempt;))
As a result of all this Kotovasiya, the car was assembled only one body. Washed, dried out, sealed. We really hope that this is how he will wait for me. : D
Good luck, smaller wheels and nails in gasoline for cheaper! : D

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