I'm going into the army!


For a long time I did here is not written, and nothing to be honest, in all this time no one came to okuriku because father season, the work went glaciers (snow removal equipment) repair, and me alone to work with it (Oka) is difficult.

But the essence of fasting is not this but the fact that I'm going into the army, and not a week tomorrow, or today as you please)) So if I take away (as we are now in the army too much) that i would like you all to say goodbye until next year and wish everyone, not just subscribers and in general anyone who will go into the record BZ good luck, happiness, good health and a happy upcoming new year!

If you do not take away and leave in the spring, I will delete this post so as not to be embarrassed)))

All smooth road! be careful! Happily!

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