Purchase some parts

Greetings to all drivers friends! I decided today to indulge his crossover because it carries me to and from work in the warmth and comfort not let his master in spite of the severe frosts. Bought today a new tramblёr old ordered to live long flowed, and when I saw that the dismantling died not only the gland and sleeve and peeled along with the gland itself (temporarily ekstreenno was assembled from trash additional proezdevshy successfully to this day). Purchased drive hinge PPC native (kardanchik),

Purchase some parts

Balakov tires

by Kalina in the trash tries. no more words shumoparazitny vibrator. Even with the damper noisy, he chirped enough with my experiences with him to make painful expensive. So well, and brake discs with perforations took 2110 as the last year took "AVTOREAL" one disc got even bully curve was not immediately looked as when he began to set through the floor, but saw a herd rushing Pozniak then sfotkayu show risk. Well nakladochka brake immediately took new, too. All udachki in the New Year and good mood guys!

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