23.08.2015 occurred Oka transportation from the village to the city of Samara (70-80km). Courage and support
DWZ586SV arrived to take these things "miracle" technique. It turned out that the car flowed stand (which is unknown), something with maslozhorstvom (when brought smoke billowed blue mixed with black), shaken steering rack (according to my father, exceeded the clearance between the gear and pinion). In general, the ride was scary.


That's actually an eye

at the beginning it was necessary to postvil my car so as a pilot formula 1 Oka was chosen not obscure DWZ586SV. Passing 20km he expressed his opinion on the handling. © "AAAAAAA, tough! You drive 40, it is still normal start to go faster it is necessary to catch the road" ©
Then I got behind the wheel and found in the words of my friend! But I felts driver is less sensitive to fluctuations in, or omitted from my aura is clean, on 50km / h I did not notice staggering. But it was noticed the following, at the end of rotation of the car wanted to turn myself to ride in a circle at a speed of 80 to 100 km / h wheel did not want to obviously stay in place!

Shipping He jumped, vibrating, I tried to run away!

When almost arrived in Samara, stalled in the wrong place, namely at the traffic lights! Long tried to start the engine, assembled behind him angry mob on emergency gang and learn to press the horn. Then drove another N-tion Number of km stalled again, but on the ring! Few torment starter went on! Finally arrived, removed the carburetor and not strange, he was black, dirty! He withdrew carb, went to celebrate a successful visit, and discuss plans for the future!

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