after first purchase

Three weeks after the purchase, I drove a smart Roman Peter-Smart to a large MOT. I went for the first time, therefore a bit surprised ... oh service deployment) but was pleasantly surprised relation to the car, parts availability and expertise of Roman and Alexandra. Sasha also dokinul to the subway, for which a special thank you to him.
Machine spent their week. Of course, I was worried from time to time called, but Roma reassured me that everything is fine and you can pick up a car in the near future.

after first purchase

My complaints about the car:
- Motor "sausage" at idle, Turnover float
- Small stuchok left front
- Plastic protection underbody dangerously dangling
- Clutch grasp firmly and vibration at the start of

have been made:
- Clean and choked EGR, engine began to work smoothly and perfectly pull
- Changed the tie rods (knock was from them) because of a torn boot, there has already managed to get the mud
- protection secured, lost regular bolt (it seems possible to say hello Smartriumu where previouslyserved by the Smart)
- Changed and adapted clutch with Clutch release, although she was not killed, and simply require adaptation, but I reasoned that run 124 tykm already it's time to end

after first purchase

Speaking of the run: he native, in all units of the machine running the same as what is good =)

and of course changed all consumables, including fuel filter and oil in the box.
After all the machine is beginning to get under way procedures without vibrations and seamlessly switch, turns do not swim.

Everything in the car is nothing more to repair the technical part, there is only aesthetic.

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