Happy New Year with a new light

Happy New Year with a new light

Well, first of all, Happy New Year, love and happiness there any such. Secondly, the subject of the recording. At the very New Year there was a little trouble, burned my left light beam for a lot of money, were Philips H7 CrystalVision 4300K ​​, unfortunately, alone I have not found a single lamp, well, there is an opinion that the need to change the lamp Ideally a pair, as over time they shine worse and if burned alone, it is likely that the second, too, will burn in the near future, an autopsy confirmed that so it would be wrong, as the scale of the spirals have been.

Went yesterday at Epicentre became a choice H7 lamps, reached the final two manufacturers OSRAM and the Philips, as the latter I have already stood and served me 2.5 years, I decided it was time to try something new , by examining the entire OSRAM lamps line the choice fell on one of the most expensive and according to the manufacturer, the coolest. What would you have focused in prices, the plain simple lamp H7 OSRAM worth 86 USD. pcs., that is set can be purchased for 172 UAH. I have chosen model of OSRAM H7 NIGHT BREAKER LASER + 130% 55W cost 523 UAH. for a couple, more than 3 times more expensive, old lamps Philips incidentally, also about the same price category + -. Another criterion for the purchase was that the search for a lamp that comes easier than the Philips.

As you all know, change the lamp Smart extremely uncomfortable, I tried myself crawl there, even pre-looking photo attachment that would orient there hand, but my attempt was doomed to failure, the maximum that I have made, pulled out the old bulb and all. Since touching fingers new lamp can not be, it would be very risky to try to stick to touch the new lamp, so I figured that would help me only on the service, it was the 2nd of January and all of the services on holidays, but the guys from the Smart UA not refused to help me, and as early as 3 o'clock in the afternoon I went with new lamps for them, well beyond all the technology that removed the muzzle, cleaned all the lights, again all the unscrewed and spun, neatly reversing lamps themselves, making sure that we do not violated the procedure of installation of lamps and they have become the way you want, put everything in place, and spun back to face the final touch to thisa trip to the service has been adjusted on a special stand, which I wrote in one of his records

Result:. the temperature lamps closer to 3000K, close to the Stock glow, visible well visible far as the eyes are relaxed, light a little more than just yellow, but still not as white as in 4300K ​​from Philips.

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