installation of heating buttons part 2

installation of heating buttons part 2

When parsing buttons and search problems, there were three jamb -perebity two tracks and one button physically died. Immediately soldered chip will continue to do diode posvetku stove.
One lane was visual damage, but the second to mean a whole but the tester did not call.
It turned out my last rastanovka on the counter right. Heating has one window heating mode, but the lights just two diodes.
As promised did pinout of contacts both options buttons.

Non-heated seats
8. + Constant
7. Emergency gang
6. Security
5. Highlighting
4. Air Conditioning 2nd mode
3. Air Conditioning 1st mode
2. Heated glass
1. - Permanent

with heated seats
6. Pod.sid. II 2nd. dir. 12. DC +
5. Pod.sid. II 1st. dir. 11. emergency gang
4. Pod.sid. I 2nd. dir. 10. Protection
3. Pod.sid. I 1st. dir. 9. A window heating
2. - Air DC 8. 2nd mode
1. 7. Illumination Air Conditioning 1st mode

Who thinks himself to do like looking serviceable components in my case the seller does not even hint about the fault, and the price did not even think to reduce.

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