Replacement brake + fuel filter

He began to whistle the front left brake. There are two options - either it is an acoustic warning from the pad, or a stone there. But, as the rear Lagsters were already on the way, and I knew about it, we decided to drive to the Denchik service.
Here is a list of what has been done and how much it cost:

Replacement brake + fuel filter

Thank you Booch-SergeyKIEB , he was engaged in my . machine personally
brake condition was simply terrible: back pads resembled leaves foil and front blurred to acoustic warning devices. Plus flowed one brake cylinder, which is why after the purchase had to pour tormozuhu.
Plus was to change the fuel filter. According to Sergei, from the old oil was poured, while in the opposite direction ?? Filter set Fram G5857, took on existential for 120 UAH. When was the last time changed the fuel filter - I do not know. Hopefully, the change will positively affect the flow rate will be watching.
At the same time to check the suspension, high-voltage wires and candles. All in good condition. According to planned maintenance - the summer will require replacement of the central engine mount


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