Replacing the engine mount, the next MOT

decided to NG and a small treat: the next oil change (ARAL 5W40), all of the filters ( oil., airy., fuel. except salon , he will wait until the spring), as well as finally it was no time to change the engine front cushion that "requests" with the purchase of cars. Not to say that it was ripped straight into the trash, but she was vidonchik funky, breaks were, and vibration at the start and "climb" is felt decent. As I mentioned earlier , I tried to put the petrol side airbags and was horrified by their rigidity and vibration transmitted to the diesel engine capsule, even at idle. Diesel versions side airbags substitute almost indistinguishable. The front airbags on all manufacturers of substitute designed for diesel, even set do not have to: and so it was clear when viewed in their hands, they do not differ from petrol for hardness rubber portion
Waited supply original cushions Q0005811V007000000 which cost. . 1650griven, and set
at idle vibration to the capsule has not changed much - it is almost there, as there was an old pillow. But when accelerating, driving up the hill, and other points on the diesel engine load, are quieter now the well is 80% accurate.
What I was incredibly pleased. Given the fact that the shot cushion More factory, now I'm sure about this part, you can forget forever (I do not think that I will go on this smart 15 years old)))) Side airbags (also still home) a bit run down, but still absolutely without cracks and breaks, so long run about
so the Lord Smartovody-technician highly recommend to all:. engine pillow change solely on the original! Let it costs nearly twice as expensive, but worth it!

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