Talk about lubrication

Talk about lubrication

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In short, I had a problem that They could not decide my wipers squeaked, not the gum, specifically a mechanism janitors. from past entries in the BZ about the replacement of lamps, I wrote that we had to remove the muzzle, that would make more correctly and clearly, and so, knowing that we will shoot the face, I could buy with the bulbs and lubricant. Since the standard WD and liquid silicone grease failed, tried even grafitkoy, I wondered, and what kind of lubricant can lubricate the moving parts without wipers that would dismantle it all and fill lithological or grease. Seller advised to try VERYLUBE ABSOLUT Universal penetrating grease by XADO said that good out there, all the cases. The manufacturer claims that lubricant reliably lubricates and protects against rust and corrosion and is designed for the components and metal parts that require long-term lubricating effect. Sounds good, I thought, and picked up.

Talk about lubrication

My surprise was that it is dense and at the time of injection lubricant is in liquid form in contact with air begins chem. reaction and it becomes thick, very interesting, I thought, it flooded all nodes janitors and lo and behold, they have ceased to squeak! Grease almost cutting into the slot and penetrates the friction mechanisms. The smell of the spray is very nice, reminds fresheners or "pahuchki" in the car. It penetrates very deeply, but not right away, you need a - a time for complete penetration. If rust is strongly in contact with a lot of it begins to sizzle and then covered with a small foam it all happens in a matter of seconds. As rust corrodes and responds to the universal lubricant. After lubricated surfaces are oiled and torsional or physically exposed to dirt and rust is chipped or wiped.

Then Ostap suffered, I started splashing of grease wherever seen rubbing iron parts, door hinges, trunk hinges, sprinkled on stock rear window damper, poured a bunch of lubrication mechanisms of locks in the door handles filled very many that would certainly, in general, an interesting thing, I advise everyone, you can save time on lubrication mechanisms and extend the life of these units.

Well, some analogues of the same manufacturer:

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