Whistled, he squeaked, squealed stove.

Last winter stove motor recalled his most unpleasant screeching passing in creaking back and forth. Just like in the Zhiguli classics
drew from the depths of "torpedo" a motor and saw a similar VAZ design -. The motor shaft rotates in the bushes, sliding bearings ie
As used to solve problems with the car once and for a long time, looked for options. buying a new one. The price tag, of course, shocked, 16-18tr on various websites, but none was available not only to order a month and a half. I called and Roma and Markov, from Roma like as, according to him, showed up, surprised only cost them marked - 12tr. We agreed that in the evening, on his way home, he told me zavezёt this device. Imagine my surprise, turning into frustration when he brought me a motor wiper ????????????
He heard me so -)
Rolling up his sleeves and started opening the culprit squeal. Inside, everything was clean enough, but anyway podpoliroval rubbing surfaces of two thousand "Mirka" greased good kastrolovskoy green grease, gathered without zavaltsovyvaya cover, left overnight in the cold.
morning again heard the hateful sounds.
confer with familiar repairers, one suggested the idea of ​​trying out more of his dad at the time it is on the Zhiguli motor. The essence of the Council was as follows - sleeve, which rotates the rotor motor, made of porous material and grease there helps. They should be lubricated and soak it with engine oil. And so it went.
I bought a piece of felt from the classic well-contact tramblёra, divided in two, proboynichkom made holes for the shaft, soaked butter and primastryachil them over bushes. The result exceeded all expectations - a year enjoy the quiet motor of at work. Two or three hours, and at the output of the economy almost 20tr, time of harvesting is not considered, for all the same to get it you need.
gallery did not do, but I hope this information is useful to owners of Smarts.
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