With coming, guys!)))

With coming, guys!)))

Hello, guys!

Since I was a very good boy this year and almost no hooligans, Grandfather Frost Santa Claus Loch finally received my letter, and I learned a poem for him! : -))

The year was a leap year, is considered to be difficult, and so, for me it really was not easy, in terms of personal life (and if I ever have a daughter, I will call it Maya <. / b>, in honor of the man with whom I lived for their best 10 years of life)
Well, as they say, that is done -. all the better, much the same, we still go!
So is that the someone New ...

And that as that brighten up the end of the year, Santa Claus put me under the tree welcome gifts)))

Grandfather knew how I was cold in the winter in a smart, as it bl.t on their reindeer does not freeze and pridaril me home leather Seats heated, but they are carried in a bag dusty sympathetic (I plan to give them away after NG in dry cleaning, treat the skin itself, and may even like to refresh, such as paint or something like that, I am not smoked this issue).

Then Grandpa remembered my long face when I podnavalival volume muzlo if played some good song on the radio and warmed me right regular acoustic equipment Smart!

And Che is Santa really suffered, hryapnul already seen, there's a nose a red , pulled another new lower lip and rear underbody protection!

on-the-go old man rummaging in a smart, we can think of deer of their meat to put , auto-chemistry and confuse addition.
From the bag I got the oil and flushing oil system here and cleaners cooling system and fuel system, air conditioning, metal engine antirain even what that thug pritaranil, warm mittens for cleaning germs, shorter than I was tired all the even spread!

Here is old fogy soul man, I already wept and foolishly forgot all his poem stood and blushed on a stool))

There you have it guys!

guys, let all the bad and the bad remain in the old year, and in the New all over again with a clean slate, like a child!
The old man winked at me and kind smile, recalling that it is always necessary to believe in the goodness and hope for the best!

Happy New Year, guys ...

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