Around Ladoga

Around Ladoga

What would not forget)

The wife of a week's vacation, I zadolbali at work take five days at his own expense, throw things in the car and roll on three days in St. Petersburg. Museums, sobory- as usual) was a visit to an outlet Grandmaket Russia. That's a great pleasure from visiting received, and surprisingly, and my wife and I)

We leave the hotel, the car is still at home prepared, laid out and roll around Lake Ladoga, with a stop to the attractions. The most notable was the road to the White bridge, a waterfall is. Walkable it with the mind and of cars, and emotions when caught in nizinku moved out in order to skip the passenger car, which was accompanied by a mid dorogi- to need help ... a little snow on the knee, well, somehow beginning to demolish obryvu- barely taxied) and the It is not the first time. Well, as they say, thank God, everything is fine.

From Moscow went still leaves were, and in the area Lahdenpohja already full of snow ... We spent the night in the woods, on the conventional convolution and the nearest clearing. We slept in the car, watching a movie, a bit of warming and bainki)
call in on shore wind Ladogi- storm straight vzroslyy- did not last long) gone.

So it is good when the other half supports the hobby "camp" life, and the week has rest in the middle of the year, very straight per capitalay)

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