Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

Save the penguin in the forests of the Amazon! Uraaaaa!
It does not matter where does the penguins and the Amazon, but the fact remains. One penguin says "thank you".
Why say and where did the penguin? To do this, read the 600-page theme of the USR is offline Chiron Klan. I really only read 400+ pages. Then not mastered

On the run 56 019 km I have removed from Chiron USR system:)
Long thought to do or not and finally decided - do

.. First - a little theory
About USR there are many views, delete or not to intervene or not.. I, too, was in doubt, because the USR is mounted on vehicles by the manufacturer, and then I got so smart in this system. I had to google a lot, read a lot, to come to a definite conclusion. For myself, decided that after all removal - be

Why.? I'll try to make out the points. I marked for himself the points that I am confused and frightened, and tried to study them carefully.
What came out of it ...

P.S. Please do not throw much slippers, I'm not a chemist or physicist, and therefore learn the principles of the internal combustion engine work to the best of their amateur possibilities:)

1. Removing the USR raises the temperature in the combustion chambers, which can lead to a decrease in the resource parts of the cylinder-piston group and the formation of cracks in the head or block.

Perhaps this is the thing I feared most. The cracks in the head due to the removal of the USR I do not believe, but the question of the effect of increased temperature on the details of CPG slightly frightened me - in fact it can actually reduce their resource (and I plan to go for a drive millions of kilometers on this engine, muahaha) .
Pochemu general temperature in the combustion chamber depends on the presence or absence of the USR system? Everything was quite simple
The main objective of the USR system -. To reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (Nox) in the exhaust. nitrogen oxides start to form at temperatures around 700 degrees Celsius and a temperature increase proportionally, the higher the temperature, the more is formed Nox. The temperature in the combustion chambers of diesel engine can reach 2000 degrees (at the time of combustion of the mixture).
USR mixes in the fuel-air mixture of the exhaust gases, which are so-called free radicals. These most free radicals entering the cylinders and lower the temperature. The lower the temperature - the lower the amount of Nox. Profit. Environmentalists are rejoicing.
For this reason, removing the USR, we raise the temperature in the combustion chambers, as we remove free radicals
Here I was tormented by the most important question -. As the temperature increase will affect the life of the engine? How much the temperature increases? Maybe it increases slightly
I suffered, read forums, thought ... and then it hit me a few very simple thoughts
The idea of ​​the first -. Old diesel engines worked without any EGR systems. With the usual temperature in the combustion chambers of the diesel engine. And there were millions of kilometers. And all was well with them.
The idea of ​​a second - after all manufacturers CPG parts for diesel engines are not stupid and obviously use such materials, which are designed for loads more than what is really happening in the engine
And the thought of the third, the most important: the valve EGR in Chiron. ceases to work at speeds over 3000. Here it was for me the crucial thing, and finally persuaded me to remove the USR. 3000 rpm and above - not the best mode of operation of the diesel engine (given that d20dt red zone begins at 4500 rpm). Here and increased load, here, and the higher the temperature (it can be seen to increase the coolant temperature), but the valve is closed USR here! And no free radicals in the fuel-air mixture mixes! So, one conclusion - at high loads no drop in temperature in the combustion chambers of the engine is not required, he himself copes with this load, and nothing he does not break or breaks down. But at the optimal engine operating modes USR. Total: the crucial role of the resource engine USR does not play.

However, here I want to add that about the free radicals have told me that they, in addition to lowering the temperature in the combustion chambers, as are a kind of catalyst for inflammation and, consequently, reduce the ignition delay (which, in its turn, can result in excessive quantity of fuel at the time of detonation and the subsequent compression). This time, unfortunately, I have not fully understood. With the detonation of all for me was an open question - whether the diesel really is always "live in knock" or detonation of diesel - is incorrect designation of combustion
Ie.. it turns out that the free radicals from the exhaust allegedly provide a "soft" operation of the engine (by reducing the ignition delay), more complete combustion of the mixture, prevent the disruption of burnout ... In general, in addition to ecology - one big benefit. Then I stopped reading chemistry and physics in internetike. Because I did not let the question of why diesel 90s without USR nursed a million kilometers. And work well without the help of free radicals.

In addition, I found the information about how the brain switches off the EGR valve when the vehicle is operating in the highlands, ie decreases when the ambient pressure and the reduced amount of oxygen. Why does the brain turns off the valve? I do not either because the exhaust cylinder engine to go there just would not be? And the brain understands what the fuck the environment, it is necessary to figachit oxygen. And then it becomes not need any free radicals, and problems with the ignition delay no ...

2. The manufacturer is not a fool. Once he put the USR, it means that the system needs. In addition, the plant was originally laid in the calculation of the fuel-air mixture the presence of exhaust gases, and if they would not be - the mixture is incorrect.

In principle, I am of the opinion that the manufacturer really are not stupid. No wonder there is the phrase "do not disturb the engine to run".
But! Here, it seems to me, the game enters the modern world in all its guises. Ecology requires Euro-3 standards, 4, 7, 14 and the manufacturer has no choice but to obey the requirements of ecologists. So it squirm in automobiles EGR system. Where confidence that this is done for the sake of engine life, and not for the sake of ecology? I am inclined to think for a second.
With regards to the parameters of the air-fuel mixture ... a lot rests on the fact that if you remove the mixture from the exhaust gases, then their place will be clean air that will lead to the impoverishment of the mixture. But then I have a question for which I have not found the answer - what is the computer does not adjust? That's why he and the computer, he's smart =) And sensors sorts he is, that send the appropriate signals - say, hey, brain, there's some garbage going on, do something!
If you take all the same ignition delay (as well as the idea that free radicals allegedly providing a more uniform combustion), then, in theory, the engine brains, thinking that the car has the USR, continue to work with a mixture of a Given the presence of free radicals, which, in fact, not. Theoretically, this could lead to that the engine starts to run "harder." If this is true (although in his car after the removal of the USR I am more "hard" work is not noticed), the firmware will save the brain. Because - see above - the brain is intelligent and adjusts all! 🙂 Especially after the firmware!))
But okay, I will not get involved too deeply in the fuel-air mixture, its combustion ignition timing angle, the amount of air ... Because I'm not too familiar with this subject, and I can say kakuyu- something stupid, and you will laugh at me:)

3. Unless afterburning exhaust gas, the amount of Nox formed in the combustion chambers in the engine oil leak and it will spoil.

In my opinion, if formed in the combustion chambers of the exhaust passes through the piston rings in the engine oil - is Khan piston rings, not "exhaust does not dozhёgsya":)
or in Nox have some special magic that allows this very Nox pass through the walls rings?

4. If you remove the EGR system, the exhaust gas will have nowhere to go and they will increase pressure and something to squeeze.

Yeah, maybe that is what they are doing is constantly at the speed of more than 3000, when the valve of FIG closed =)
And, in fact, I did not understand how such a the idea could appear at all. The gases formed in the combustion chamber during combustion of the mixture disappear exactly to where it should be - into the exhaust pipe. How they can create high blood pressure?
Maybe here meant isochoric process, when the temperature is raised (and it increases with distance USR) is increased and the pressure at constant volume. But then again - unless the manufacturer does not provide a "safety"

5?. Planet and so on the brink of ecological disaster! Why not start with yourself and do not make the environment a better place?

I throw garbage in the special garbage container. I do not litter in the nature, I'm taking all the trash out of the woods with him (and it does not matter, I walk or drive). I do not litter in the city. I do not throw the wrappers on the pavement or on a mountain path. I have found in our town a special container for used batteries, and now they throw it in there. I would be happy, if we put in the courtyard of special containers for separate collection - but, alas, we have so far only one common container. I give a lot of old things in a special company, where they are sorted and either hand out shopping a la "second hand" or sent to the appropriate processing.
I mean, I'm doing a small contribution to the improvement of the ecology of the planet. In this case, I'm the hell can afford to prolong the life of the engine on your favorite car?
And one more little interesting observation. On my UAZ Hunter with engine ZMZ-409 Euro-0 exhaust does not stink. On my UAZ Hunter with engine ZMZ-514 Euro 2 exhaust does not stink. On my Chiron with engine Euro 3 exhaust stinks so that hurts the eyes. Are you sure that we are exactly talking about the environment?

Now, about how it was in practice.
One frosty winter evening, I met and came to the garage to Dmitry Kukas with offline Chiron Klan. Actually, Dmitry and made my car cutting delete unnecessary parts from under the hood, and I mingled around, asking questions and their stupid ideas came with the camera.
Complete removal of the USR - this is where a machine removes all the details related to this system. From under the hood pulled directly Dmitry valve and the pipe, which passes in front of the engine and the exhaust gases which are flying in the inlet. For EGR valve is an intake manifold. When the valve was removed, I looked at the inlet and ...

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

... came in genuine horror!
Previously, I saw pictures of other kayronovodov that laid out in the image network of valves and inlet tracts. I looked at these photos and think - well, yes, black, well, it happens that they are all horrified this coming from? Now the black as the abyss, like a bottomless hole space, an inlet I saw in his own car. Here is alive that you will not see - you do not understand all the fear of having EGR system: D I thought that I look at the very bowels of the abyss of evil and darkness, and the impression that now from this abyss to the light climb demons ...
Thought about demons It is broken because Then I thought about more pressing matters: interesting, but all this muck is deposited on the walls of the cylinders? Or burns completely? And if you still delayed ?! It's there all the cylinders in the same black ?! Mmmmat!
By the way, here is the gasket, which is in the photo lies below the inlet, then we dropped off into the crankcase protection area. Now she lives there. While it may have already fallen out. But the square gasket can not lose with the intake manifold. It is more useful to us.
impress palpable blackness of admission, I looked in the same tangible blackness EGR valve.

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

I lamented the fact that as many as 56 km of the engine had to eat this stuff, but Dmitry assured me that my valve and intake - it is clean. And some, such as picking up the valve stalactites and stalagnates, making this the best valve in an amazing cave, in which even the air prolazit hard and occasionally lost in the narrow aisles.
Actually, I was surprised that I was going to black in and the inlet valve, because I went to plug the USR. Those. black there was not supposed to fly. This plug put more former owner on the run about 20 thousand km So what does it happen? Either plug badly worked and still missed part of the exhaust or intake I had not cleansed of those 35 thousand kilometers, during which there was a stub. . I'm more inclined to believe in the first version of
Somehow cleaned intake by Dmitry was no black soot - in theory, without EGR intake should gradually purify yourself
Speaking of plug USR
She put the former.. owner in the technical center "Nyuproksima". So aside "Nyuproksimy" I wanted Now throw a small stone:)
Plug USR looked like this (here, too, pay attention to the soot on it, it is immoral and contrary to morality - to force the engine is to eat):

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

Firstly, the plug has been very, very thin. It only means that at any moment it could burn. This could happen without consequences, and the consequences could be - its particles to flew away ... where? The engine? The turbine? In any case, little pleasant.
Secondly, this cap was not installed in the excellent location: if you stand in front of the car and look at the engine, it is not right between the pipe of the USR and the tube going to the valve as puts the majority, and left between the pipe USR and exhaust tract. Those. cap standing in a "hot" spot, which also could lead to her early burn-in.

Now! Out of the car kicked USR valve, the tube from the valve to the pipe of the USR, USR pipe directly, as well as the tube between the tube and the USR release (do not get confused in the names? I do not know how all these tubes and pipes are called actually 🙂 - just thrown the entire path from the inlet to the USR release!). Now Dmitry took the tube from the exhaust path and headed for a vice, where it made a rather crude manipulation.

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

It was necessary to remove the tube vooon the prostavochku, see? It remains in production.

Razderbanennaya tube. It is also desirable to remove from the machine, as it sometimes burns in ripple:

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

On the issue of just put the plug (it is included in the kit to remove the USR which makes Dmitri, but now all the pipes from the USR under the hood is not present, the release is necessary to drown), made in the form is removed from the tube spacers - with two holes at the edges, but without the central hole

and now the same. interesting. Instead valve USR on the car set is such a spacer:

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

The essence of this spacer is that it has larger diameter than the EGR valve, respectively, increases the amount of passing air, which is now nothing to stop. This leads to the fact that the vehicle becomes more spirited at speeds up to 1800 (not yet turbine starts). Well, crap every engine does not fly:)
On the spacer is made as a flange to hose it more difficult to get off of the spacer. The complete view of the spacer and a hose looks like:

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

Yes, the important point! On this photo top right is seen modulator USR:

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

Since I do not have flash or chip-tuning, which USR removes control directly from the brain of the car, the modulator remains in its rightful place. For it continues to pass electrical contact to Chiron brains we were confident that all is well, the USR in place and working, and did not give any errors. This vacuum hose is disconnected from the modulator and jammed screws and a screw. So entirely discarded small tube that goes from the modulator valve USR - a valve is now no

In addition, Dmitry also took boost gauge, standing somewhere behind the modulator USR.. The sensor also had no ideal of purity ... to blame the exhaust gases, flying in the engine:

Ay-ay-ay, killed negros! (Hardware)

Sensor washed and put in place:)
In the process of removing all the USR bolts Unscrew all places without any problems

What feelings.?
Yes, indeed, it seemed to me that Chiron became a little faster at speeds up to 1800. And yet I was pleasantly warm the realization that no nastiness in the CPG no longer flies, and the engine is running on clean diesel and fresh air! 🙂

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