Bermamyt. Part 1

The report I had originally planned to write in the genre of sparkling humor, but the tragic death of one of the masterminds of the trip made me reconfigure accents.

Drive Bermamyt was both spontaneous and long-awaited.

As seen blog grigorich1777 thinking about a trip to the Caucasus, and burst into flames. I planned to go with him, and so for a long time, waited until his son recover. But while everything was going and one Monday, I decided that I was going, even if you need to go to one.

Since I'm greedy, I naturally decided to fight off the cost of the trip. The easiest way to do this - use BlaBlaCar

Here it is necessary to understand that the price is not particularly zaderesh when speed dialing passengers.. And in the process, passengers occasionally fall off the trip. Therefore, to make this possible, give at least the cost of fuel to cover.

Total, I took a few passengers on board, and went straight to the glorious city of Kislovodsk.
1600km. For me the biggest shoulder in principle.

We went cheerfully and without malice, only at the exit from Voronezh stopped me brave DPS
Looked documents, asked to look in the trunk

"Inspection" -.. Said I'm going to demand lawyer witnesses
"No, inspection." - and I opened the trunk. Looking at the cash there shmurdyak and bags, dashing DPS asked "vacation coming" - and as soon as I immediately blurted out, "Yes, I have a rest, and the guys just am getting"
Captain turned prosharennym and understandingly handed "BlablaCar ..."


Then began a little trash. He told me - "you have no more questions" - and all the passengers emptied out of the car, called submachine and meticulous abandons a their zapazuhi, pockets and other socks

Here I am of course a little zaochkoval because he finds what drugs have. them, and pripashut me
But -... carried by
in general, less than a day, as I was in Kislovodsk
On the way, it was warm, Krasnodar even hot


And then - surprise ... :))) Everything is white and white. Snow drifted shorter.

Bermamyt. Part 1

Once started fears

Bermamyt. Part 1

And on a warm Do Caucasus I?

Bermamyt. Part 1

The resort, they said ... the heat, they said!

Well I originally put on winter tires.

Bermamyt. Part 1

Winter mini-size

But as soon as there are fears about the possibility of raising at Bermamyt in such a situation.

lit some local Prior, who did not expect the winter, I'm sad and thoughtfully took a Lukoil gas station on sleep, as usual in the driver's seat. Reasoning that tomorrow is another day.
Especially as I was sleeping only a few hours.

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