Buying winter tires

There was a question what kind of winter sneaker to buy for my Charles Black.
The first question arose between the studs or velcro. Prior to that, basically went on thorns, Velcro went only 2 months, but these two months were terrible, because 2 times got into an accident. Then the experiment was malovasto behind the wheel was just the first year.
So of Velcro was a small negative. But it's okay.
Here then I think the car rules will be hard. I thought about a month, as a result of the spikes have taken their toll.
Now the second question arose of the producer and the price tag, as capital is not large. First Cordiant and Matador considered, the size of the first was not, and about the second esteemed responses and discourage.
Next regarded Nokian Nordman 5XL, Kumho and Nexen. Prior to that Logan had already Nokian Nordman, Departure on them for 4 years with confidence, and then sold it.
Then in the drome rubber found on the original cast of 15. I think what's the catch is so cheap to sell. I Went. Seeing this rubber at once all desire to discourage. Thorns remaining pieces. The tread is almost no
So focused on Nokiane.
In sum left 28 TR, size 225/75/16
Here's a story of purchase.

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