Canisters Extreme. Such extreme: ((

Eighteen months ago, I wrote, I bought these cans as chose not current. Select. Enjoyed.

All cans are good, comfortable shape as the table can be used as sendtrak, trunk space is occupied malo.No's just fuel to keep tight she can not. His direct function does not comply with: - (

Today ran down the cover pressure relief valve is destroyed and stripped threads on the neck.!

Canisters Extreme. Such extreme: ((

Canisters Extreme. Such extreme: ((

on a photo drop, but in fact it is a jet in a match thick.

I for myself the question cans Extreme close up. Carefully shit !, not to plunge.

Ps. I bought at Auchan conventional cans of 10 liters for the 370r. Let's see how they behave

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