Changing the oil in the rear axle

Hello Again!
Decided to change the oil in the rear axle after purchase. He began to study what you need and how much oil is poured.
The engine oil pour Shell only been going on for many years, which would be no car. It is also thought that the bridge and I will fill it. At work, on the basis of look, something proved expensive (1 liter of oil 75/90 is greater than 1 m.). He began to look for alternatives. Trains shopping for many. Nasovetovali oil Eneos 75/90. One seller is it so praised, he said that the truck allegedly passed it 600 tons .km without replacing the gearbox and direct beaming when changed. On the Internet, esteemed responses like the rules. I decided to buy.
Next, the replacement went. When dissecting the tube, "whistle" (outside) is not heard. Well, I think it means the rules breather, plowing. The oil was black, floor rules. Missed red sealing cap and put ABRO. Oiled climbed exactly 2 liters. All assembled and closed.
Having gone after that. My feeling came the roar back. I climbed into the Internet. I found a couple of forums, all about the same talk.
Now I think all the same change to Shell.
Can you give some advice. Advance very grateful.

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