Greetings to all.

For a long time I did not write anything, as work, home, family ... and write absolutely no time.
And so it remained in drafts do not finish the story about a summer holiday; A year has passed since the purchase of cars; and the most interesting - the end of the judicial history with the city government of the accident because of the pits on the road even last car - all this, I hope, will soon tell

Well, now tell about insurance..
I do not know in other cities, but we are continuing multi-day stage in the insurance, which insure without special stages, while private agents take themselves% for registration, and I do not trust them ...

Past Ingosstrakh insurance was decided this year to do the same.
On the site you can buy insurance online, but I have tried several times to draw, I did not work (not tested by X-ray diffraction). After another attempt - I was called back from the insurance, we explained that the service is in test mode and that will help me now to pass this test and send the account.
After 5 minutes, an e-mail account and sent a link to pay. Credit cards and sent me to the post office my new policy

As long as the inspectors are not retarded, I do not know their reaction to such a policy, but clearly it is useful and convenient idea:.)

Total with my KBM 0.95 8200 turned out (last year it was 8700).

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