Error 1234

called me a couple of weeks ago about my post at the local forum from 2013 about assistance 4x4. I wrote it back when I had a cornfield. Then often drove someone to pull out of a snowdrift / a light, etc. The girl who called me, very lucky, because I had a free weekend. She asked me to pull her chetyrku the service station as the one with whom she agreed on this day, dumped somewhere in the area, and it warned that all canceled. The reasons for the failure she maintained silence, because I think the car's corpse and to fix it on the spot refused. Brought the car to her friend electrician and then she finally said that the car just will not start and the starter clicks. On our electrician note that this 99% of villages battery, she said that this can not be, as the "green light" lights on it. We neighing, lit it, and to her great surprise, the car easily brought.
On the way back I fired up the check. More than 2500 revolutions machine did not gain in any way. I reached the house, connect the scanner, it turned out that there was a mistake in 1234, which judging by the forums, it says that the modulator turbine bad. Error just dropped, because it is busy time there. Somewhere in a week she came back on the track. Again it dropped. Already somewhere 400 kilometers traveled after that. It is not illuminated. It is necessary to disassemble and clean the modulator. Filters I did not put him as his hands did not reach.

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